Hydraulic equipment

Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps and low pressure compressors for generating vacuum up to 95% (pressure up to 6bar) in tanks. Airflow from 2600 l/min to 180000 l/min. Versions with vanes or lobes, with air or water cooling, direct drive, hydraulic drive or electric or petrol/diesel engine.

Transfer pumps for transfer of liquids and chemicals also with the solids. Flow up to 12500 l/min.

Crushers and shredders with two synchronized rotary knives for cutting biological residues and waste in process technology.

Possibility of aggregating pumps with drive and equipment on chassis and trailers. Suitable for use in municipal utility maintenance, construction, agriculture and process industries. A large number of options and equipment for truck tankers and vacuum systems that use vacuum pumps.


Canal Jet