About Us


Company ITAL-YU d.o.o. was founded in Ćuprija in 1990 nad it was based on the idea to provide support to the domestic automotive industry and manufacturers of truck bodies in the Serbian and regional markets. The company was founded by Mr. Dušan Nikolić with years of experience as the technical director of the "Auto kuća Kompresor" company from Ćuprija dedicated to the development of special bodies for trucks and commercial vehicles. The company’s goal was to offer maximum technical support in the selection of components in the process of engineering, along with the offer of high quality components for the production of special vehicles.

The company today

Today ITAL-YU d.o.o. represents the family-run company in which the second generation of the Nikolic family works and is in the second decade of existence. A long tradition is a guarantee for reliability and quality in business. Today’s activity of the company continues to be based on a professional attitude and, above all, understanding the problems that clients are addressing in order to offer the most optimal solution.

Thus, ITAL-YU d.o.o. with over 25 year long experiance represents a reliable partner for both vehicle bodibuilders, OEMs, retails and end users. Company ITAL-YU d.o.o. today operates from Ćuprija and branch offices in Belgrade with a large stock of components.


OMFB hidraulične komponente

ITAL-YU d.o.o. is general dealer and importer for OMFB Hydraulic Components. OMFB Hydraulic Components is a renowned Italian manufacturer of hydraulic components for trucks, agriculture and industry. Their product line includes power take offs, gear and piston pumps, tipper valves, oil tanks, and variety of other products.

Products line of ITAL-YU d.o.o. contains hydraulic components, equipment and installations, and the offer is based on the quality of products of renowned manufacturers. Products offered by ITAL-YU d.o.o. find applications with special vehicles such as:

  •     Tipper trucs
  •     Crane trucks
  •     Tankers
  •     Snow plows
  •     Aerial platforms
  •     Municipal vehicles
  •     Towing trucks
  •     Tractor units
  •     Various special vehicles
  •     Industrial application etc


ITAL-YU d.o.o. is at your disposal for all your questions.