Tipper trucks for rear or three-way tipping are the main players in the transport of materials in construction and building industry.

Knucke boom

Knuckle boom trucks are an important when heavy goods and parts need to be loaded, lifted high and transported.


Recycling trucks usually combine cranes specially developed for this application and load of metal scraps but also tipper body for unloading.

Timber truck

Timber trucks are equipped with cranes for manipulation of logs and special timber banks for their storage and transport.

Trash compactor

Garbage trucks are essential in the operation and maintenance of every city and require quality hydraulics.

Skip Loader

The skip loader truck, just like hook loader serves for the transport of special containers intended for the disposal of trash and shot.

Hook loader

Special-purpose trucks, also known as the hook loader or hook lift, have a hydraulic arm with a hook which pulls and lowers the containers

Aerial platform

Aerial platforms are machines designed to raise human workforce to height in order to execute specific maintenance and repair works.

Canal Jet

The maintenance of cities and industrial plants requires a canal jet truck equipped with high pressure and vacuum pumps.

Silo truck

Tanks for transporting powdered materials are equipped with blowers driven by the gearbox pto.

Car Transporter

Car transporter with with hydraulically driven transport platforms for safe transport of as many cars as possible.

Fuel tanker

Fuel transport requires truck tanks where hydraulics drive the fuel pump.

Live Stock

Live stock transport trucks are important in the meat industry and agriculture. They have hydraulically lifted floor.