Hydraulic components

Oil tanks

Complete range of tanks for hydraulic oil in version for side mounting on the truck chassis, mounting behind cabin or in central position in the chassis. Tanks may be produced of steel, aluminium or stainless steel. Tank capacities may be from 10 to 250l. Special customized tanks and combined tanks for oil and fuel.

Tanks produced by latest technology for the longest life and maximum safety. Tanks are equipped with supports and rubber protection. Tanks are equipped with breather cap but may be equipped with lot of options (filters, level indicators etc).

Number of dimensions (also for the same capacity of the tank) and lot of options makes this tanks adaptable to user needs: tipper valve mounting plates on top or side, return filters flow (25 to 270l/min, 10 to 90microns), level indicators, fittings, ball valves etc.


Recycling / Tipper / Timber truck / Live Stock / Hook loader / Skip Loader / Aerial platform