Hydraulic components

Gear pumps

Hydraulic gear pumps in cast iron for application on the trucks, mobile hydraulics, agricultural mechanization and industrial application. Designed to operate in medium to hight pressure ranges up to 320 bar.

Hydraulic gear pumps are available in various configurations (DIN, UNI, ISO, SAE, ASAE) and displacements (from 6 to 150cm3). Tandem version is also available. 

Aluminum pumps are available for industial application with industrial type of flanges, shafts etc.


Tipper / Skip Loader / Car Transporter / Aerial platform

Gear pump models


Hydraulic gear pumps for light and medium duty applications. Compact body. Capacity from 6 up to 40cm3 with DIN and ISO flanges for installation, available as uni-directional (with possibility of direction change) or bi-directional.

Hydraulic gear pumps for medium duty applications. They feature more robust casing and have the widest range of application. Working volumes from 17 up to 125cm3 available in UNI, ISO, SAE-B i ASAE mounting flange standards. Also made as tandem version.


Hydraulic gear pumps for heavy duty applications. They feature very robust casing. Working volumes from 60 up to 150cm3 with UNI, ISO and ASAE mounting flanges, available as uni-directional (direction change possible) or bi-directional.

Industrial gear pumps. Aluminum and iron body, pumps from group 1, group 2 and group 3 applicable in the widest range of industrial machines. For more information, please contact ITAL-YU d.o.o.


Equipment for gear pumps


Hydraulic fittings. Suction and delivery side fittings for hydraulic pumps and valves. Original fittings ensure correct and longlasting pump operation as well as proper oil supply to complete hydraulic circuit .

Adapters for hydraulic pumps. Adapters and distancers enable easier and correct installation of pumps as well as converting pump’s mounting flange from one standard to another.



Flanges for pump shafts, enable driving of hydraulic pumps through Cardan shaft (usually when there is not enough space to install pump directly on power take off).