Hydraulic components

Piston pumps

Hydraulic piston pumps can operate at higher continuous working pressure than gear pumps and have more constant flow. Pumps with fixed and variable displacement are available.

Pumps with fixed displacement can be with straight axis and bent axis design. Also there are versions with single or double output. Pumps are available displacements from 12cm3 up to 130cm3, with maximum pressure up to 400bar. ISO, UNI, SAE versions of the pumps.

Pumps may be equipped with bypass valve in case when pump is fitted on engine pto with continuous engagement. Also, there is a predisposition for direct installation of relief valve on the pump.

Hydraulic piston pump with variable displacement change its displacement in relation to load (pressure). They are available with maximum displacement from 60 - 130cm3.


Recycling / Timber truck / Knucke boom / Hook loader / Trash compactor

Piston pump models


Axial piston pumps with cast-iron housing are bidirectional, available from 20 to 100cm3 displacement, for continous working pressure up to 350bar. Versions with UNI, ISO and SAE-B front mounting flanges are available.

Bent-axix piston pumps 12 to 130cm3 displacement, available in UNI, ISO, SAE-B and SAE-C mounting flange versions. Main feature of those pumps is possibility of working at high pressures up to 400bar, high efficiency and reliable operation under the toughest conditions. Unidirectional with possible direction change.


Piston pumps with double output can be axial bidirectional or bent-axis in which case they are unidirectional (direction can not be changed). Available in versions 35 + 35cm3 to 76 + 76cm3 with ISO mounting flange. They are used to drive two hydraulic circuits independently.

Variable displacement piston pumps available in versions from 60 to 130cm3, can vary working displacement from maximum to 0 through the regulator at the pump itself. They are designed to work in an open circuit. Quick reaction time and compact size make them suitable for direct coupling on the vehicle’s PTO.


Equipment for gear pumps


Hydraulic fittings. Suction and delivery side fittings for hydraulic pumps and valves. Original fittings ensure correct and longlasting pump operation as well as proper oil supply to complete hydraulic circuit.

Bypass and releif valves for direct installation on pump’s back plate enabling correct and reliable operation as well as small overal dimensions.


Flanges for pump shafts, enable driving of hydraulic pumps through Cardan shaft (usually when there is not enough space to install pump directly on power take off).

Adapters for hydraulic pumps. Adapters and distancers enable easier and correct installation of pumps as well as converting pump’s mounting flange from one standard to another.