Hydraulic components

Piston motors

Hydraulic piston motors with fixed displacement suitable for high pressure circuits, up to 400bar are preferable solution for many industrial and mobile hydraulic applications. Robust and generous bent axis housing are developed to work up to 6800 rpm. With possible operation in open or closed circuit there are available displacements from 12 - 130cm3.

Various flange, shaft and back cover standards and also regulation valves provide high flexibility in design of hydraulic installations and application of these motors.


Canal Jet / Fuel tanker

Piston motor models


Hydraulic piston motors with displacement from 12 up to 130cm3 and ISO or SAE mounting flanges can work at pressures of up to 400bar and up to 6800 rpm. They are characterized by high efficiency, long lasting and high starting torque.

Valves for piston motors can have several functions like anti-cavitation, relief etc. They provide additional functionality, efficiency and protection for piston motors, while providing possibility to optimize hydraylic installation.