Hydraulic components

Directional control valves

Hydraulic directional control vaves with robust designe to answer even the most demanding tasks in the field of mobile hydraulics, industry and agricultural mechanization.

ON/OFF distributors in monobloc and composite design.

Proportional distributors with electro-hydraulic modules and pressure compensatiors.

Special distributors and other valves according to the customer’s design.


Canal Jet / Live Stock / Hook loader / Skip Loader / Car Transporter

Types of directional control valves


Monoblock distributor control valves from 25 to 160L/min, maximum pressure up to 315bar, and up to 12 sections.

Composite distributor valves are modular and offer more options than monoblocks to adapt to the specific requirements of the hydraulic circuit. From 40 to 400 l/min and up to 12 sections.


Proportional distributors with several types of electro-hydraulic modules, pressure compensation, secondary valves, suitable for working with pumps with fixed or variable volume, flow rate up to 600l/min.




Razvodnici mogu biti opremljeni različitim tipovima aktivatora (pneumatskim, električnim) ventilima za regulaciju protoka ili pritiska, antišok i antikavitacionim ventilima i dr.