Hydraulic components

AC/DC Power pack units

Electro-hydraulic power packs with compact design for mobile hydraulics and various other applications. Application with single-acting (tipper trucks) and double acting cylinders. Power packs may be equipped with ctop and various hydraulic valves for control of one or more actuators (such as in the case of a snow plow). A large number of options provide necessary flexibility in configuration of power pack according to user needs.

- DC motors 12V and 24V, motor power from 800 to 4500V.
- AC motors are single-phase or three-phase.
- Pumps from 1 to 11cm3.
- Without tank or with tank from 1 to 20l volume, aluminum plastic or steel.
- Possibility of command via manual distributor, electro or radio control.
- Emergency hand pump option, etc.


Tipper / Car Transporter