Hydraulic components

Power take offs

Power take offs (PTO) are installed on the vehicle’s gearboxes and their role is to engage hydraulic pump or drive other equipment (water pump, vacuum pump, blower) by means of transmission shaft.

Power take offs come in big variety and they might be rear or lateral, direct or with multiplication, with pump or flange output, with mechanical, pneumatic or electric engagement system with one or more outputs.

Power take offs are available for all makes of gearboxes:
, GAZ and other.

The choice of correct power take off depends on gearbox, application, available space etc. ITAL-YU d.o.o. is available for all additional info.


Recycling / Tipper / Timber truck / Knucke boom / Trash compactor / Skip Loader / Fuel tanker / Silo truck

Types of power take offs


Direct PTOs with 1:1 gear ratio for gearboxes with rear-facing PTO window.

PTOs with multiplication for gearboxes with rear-facing PTO window,  providing up to 80% higher rpm then direct PTOs.


Side PTOs for gearboxes with PTO window on some of its sides (lateral, top, bottom). Shape and characteristics depend on gearbox type and model.

PTOs with 2 or more outputs can be for side or rear windowed gearboxes, depending on gearbox model. They are suitable for use in demanding applications or when it is necessary to run more actuators (two pumps or a pump and a Cardan shaft).


Equipment for power take offs


Quill shafts and adaptors. Mostly used for gearboxes with rear-facing PTO window and are specifically designed for different gearbox models.

Flanges of different diameters and standards for driving actuator through Cardan shaft, like blowing compressors, water and vacuum pumps, etc.