Hydraulic components

Hand pumps

Hydraulic hand pumps can be with double or single effect depending if they act when pushed only in one or both directions. They are available in displacements from 10 to 70cm3 and may be equipped with a built-in oil tank up to 10L capacity. The pumps can be equipped also with a relief valve or directional control valve when the manual pump operates double acting cylinders.

Hydraulic hand pumps can be also made of materials suitable for aggressive environments (such as sea water). For more information contact ITAL-YU d.o.o.


Car Transporter / Aerial platform

Hand pump models


Hidraulic hand pumps without tank with double effect (up and down) with or without emergency relief valve. Displacement from 16 up to 70cm3.

Hidraulic hand pumps with tank can be with preinstalled 1-10 L tanks, plastic, aluminum or steel. For single and double acting systems. Displacement from 10 up to 45cm3.