New web site


In the constant desire to improve and innovate the services, in a constant pursuit of new technologies, ITAL-YU d.o.o. is pleased to present the new website!

Here you can find relevant information about the hydraulic components and equipment, their application, information about the company itself, the image gallery, news and contact information so that you can easily contact us.

Comfortable navigation on all devices is possible thanks to the automatic loading of images adapted to the screen size. Enjoy your site and happy surfing!

Other news


30 years of work and experiance

30 years of work and experiance

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Snow plow power pack

ITAL-YU d.o.o.offers an electro-hydraulic power pack to operate snow plows.

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76+76. Soon!

For the most demanding jobs, double output pump with the biggest displacement on the market of 76+76cm3

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IAA 2018
Commercial Vehicle fair

From the 20th to the 27th of September, the 67th fair of commercial vehicles and accessories was held in Hanover.

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